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Relationship between Quality of Service and Employee Engagement |FavyTech|

Service and Employee Engagement
To provide quality services, it is necessary to have committed and motivated employees. The concept of commitment is usually considered something intangible and difficult to understand since it is linked to emotions and feelings. However, commitment is closely linked to employee productivity and performance, making the impact of distancing tangible on the quality of services. To offer quality services, it is necessary to preserve employee satisfaction, commitment, and well-being. If achieved, these efforts will impact customer satisfaction.

Several studies have confirmed the direct correlation of commitment with the decrease in absenteeism, accidents, and turnover, as well as improved customer service, increased productivity, and, ultimately, profit.

To ensure a high degree of employee engagement and service quality, at least the following factors should be considered:

Know the degree of employee commitment and customer satisfaction
Annual employee engagement surveys combined with frequent individual assessment meetings are recommended for follow-up. To find out the link between employee engagement in service delivery and quality of service, it is recommended to frequently compare employee and customer information through regression and factor analysis.

All levels of the organization must pay attention to employee commitment and quality of service
All company departments must pay attention to improving employee engagement and quality of service. They can take everything from high-level measures such as the establishment of a committee responsible for commitment to training and participation programs for all employees.

To get all the benefits, employee engagement and service quality must be taken seriously at all levels, and even incorporate the dimensions of customer engagement and satisfaction into the employee premium plan.

Help employees understand customers and their needs
Employees must fully understand their tasks and demonstrate confidence in performing them. This may seem obvious; however, employees often do not know clearly what is expected of them.

Therefore, it is key for supervisors to collaborate with employees to discover customer needs, desired results, and jointly plan actions that can improve service quality and customer satisfaction.

As for employees, the goal is for them to feel capable of carrying out their responsibilities and knowing where they can positively influence customers.

Employee training, an important component of your commitment
Employee training and learning opportunities are among the main drivers of their engagement.

Providing learning and career growth opportunities to employees demonstrates that you are willing to invest in them and career development.

However, if you dedicate yourself to the best-trained employees to serve customers' objectives, the closer companies will be to providing quality services.

Relationship with immediate supervisor
Recent Gallup research in the US demonstrated that managers' actions can influence up to 70% of employee engagement ratings. Managers play a crucial role in that commitment, as they directly influence employees. Supervisor access and availability contribute to their engagement and performance as they feel more supported.

By fostering an inclusive work environment, building trust, and open communication, managers can increase engagement and ensure a collective effort to deliver quality services.

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